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What do we do and what happens next??

We can help with Websites, Email Campaigns, Social Media or any combination of these. We can also partner with you part time or full time to manage all your digital marketing needs. Specific details can be seen in the relevant sections below.

After you contact us, we will arrange a free consultation so that we can assess your requirements. We will then analyse best solutions for you and offer you a proposal – with different options or levels of service you can choose from – to meet exactly your requirements. Everything will be fully explained. When we have agreed the work and the price, we will develop your digital needs at a pace you will feel comfortable with – some cannot get it done fast enough and others prefer a more leisurely approach. We will provide what you need at your pace.



Website Creation Website Services Contact Us

Alpha Dista Icon 03So you want a website and have no idea where to start?

From the initial free consultation to the launch of your website, we will be there every step of the way. We will set up your perfect domain name and email addresses, find out what your business is all about, what you expect your website to achieve, and create a website for you that meets all your requirements and more. We can also host your site for you. Every website we create reflects on us and we take great pride in our work.


Website Services

Website domainSearch and set up an address for your website.The domain name is required for people to reach your website. For example
E-mail addressesSet up e-mail addresses linked to your website domain name.Professional email address the same as your website domain name. Allows you to receive "Contact Us" and "Comments" from your website. For example
HostingEvery website needs somewhere to live - called the Host. We can provide safe and secure Hosting for you.Our hosting is with one of the best hosting companies in the world. It comes with the latest anti spam and fraud protection, the most secure up to date coding, and daily automatic back-ups should anything go wrong. It also ensures we can quickly and cheaply make any necessary changes to your website on request.
Basic websiteDevelop a simple websiteWebsite developed to your specifications (website design and content). This will include up to 5 pages and functions such as comments, contact us, optimised search engine, social media links and share buttons.
Advance websiteDevelop more complex and/or larger websites.Over 5 pages and/or including more advanced functionality such as e-commerce, advanced forms, surveys etc
Changes to existing websitesAdd functionality, change content or design of existing website. Keeping your website up to date, fresh and accurate. As well as adding functionality to your website, you can change products, website design, email addresses etc.
Managing your websiteWriting/publishing posts. Managing comments and Contact Us messages. We take care of the day to day running and management of your website including conversations with your customers, regular new posts to generate more business and tracking/ improving visitor numbers. We will summarize activity with you regularly and get your feedback for future action.
Teach you how to manage your websiteTailored one to one training on any aspect of your website. (2 free hours are included with a new website).You will be able to manage your own website maintenance (contact us, comments. posts, screening comments etc). Of course you can still ask us to help you if you are too busy or on holiday.


Email Campaigns Contact Us

You get Emails from other companies and wonder how they do it?Alpha Dista Icon 05

Email campaigns are proven to increase sales. Sending customised emails with details of special offers, product/service updates, or simply share some interesting information to your customer base keeps them clicking on your website and connecting with you. Automate this using customer information and email templates. The most effective method is to send regular weekly or monthly campaigns. We can set it all up for you and teach you how to run campaigns yourself, or we can manage the campaigns too.

Email Campaign Services

Set up Set up email address, customer contact list, links to website and social media etcYou have the email address and who to send the campaign to all ready and set up
Create Email TemplateCreate a template for the email campaign - this will be the basic design of your emailEmails sent to your customers will be instantly recognisable and will be consistent with the branding of your website and social media sites.
Create & send CampaignAdd content to your campaign template and send to the customers on your distribution list.Your professional template and content for this campaign will be distributed to your customers. The more targeted and interesting your campaign is to your customers, the more response you will get from the campaign.
Managing your Email CampaignsWriting and sending regular campaign emails, manage the feedback and results,We take care of the day to day running and management of your Email campaigns including leads, regular new campaigns to generate more business. Tracking/ improving response numbers. We will summarize activity with you regularly and get your feedback for future action.
Email Campaign TutorialTailored one to one tutorial on Email Campaigns. (1 free hour is included with a new template.)You will be able to manage your own campaigns. Of course you can still ask us to help you if you are too busy or on holiday.


Social Media Marketing Contact Us

Alpha Dista Icon 81You thought you were too small to have your own Social Media Campaigns?

Simple “Follow” and “Share” buttons on your website allows you to reach a vast number of potential customers. More advanced Social media campaigns can bring your business, large or small, immense rewards. Allowing you to communicate with an unlimited number of potential customers. All it needs is our know how to be able to do it, and your know how in what you want to communicate.

Social Media Marketing Services

Set Up account Set Up business account on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ etcAccount set up and linked to your website with same branding as your website


Marketing Partner Contact Us

Can you afford not to have a sleek, professional digital marketing presence?Alpha Dista Icon 12

Small and medium businesses, sole traders and start up businesses cannot easily afford to employ marketing and IT specialists. Website maintenance, Email campaigns, social media campaigns and digital marketing presence needs to be closely monitored and requires resource. You can have all of this for very reasonable rates by partnering with us. We can be your full marketing partner, or you can hire us by the hour.

Marketing Partner Services

Ad hoc hourly rateCall us in for any reason to help you.Expertise at the end of a phone.
Pre-arranged number of hours per monthWe take care of your online marketing needs and digital presence regularlyOptimised lead generation and sales